LED high mast lighting design you need to know

LED high mast lighting is very energy efficient and has a long service life. The LED technology continues to develop, and enables a more efficient, long lasting, and cost-worthy light source. The larger the area you want to light up, the higher your lights will need to be mounted on. If you need to illuminate large areas like airports, car parks or major roads, you’ll need to use high mast lighting. In this post we talk about led high mast lighting design in details.

Apollo High Mast Lighting

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1、LED high mast lighting distribution
With LED high mast lighting, it’s not just about how much light you get; it’s about where it goes with traditional lights. Sources reflect as we used to put the light where it was needed. Now With LEDs we can use lenses which give us even more precision to put the light just where it required and avoid light pollution. 
With LED high mast lighting, you often have neighbors in an area surrounding that depot or the yard. So you also have to make sure that you have minimal tilt requirements. And that’s usually achieved through optic lenses. 

You may have cars, trucks, or even planes moving about beneath your lights. You don’t want to serve them with glare. Similarly, if there are houses nearby, you don’t want to disturb them either. 

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Images for LED high mast lighting distribution


Old fashioned sun or sox lamps gave an orangey glow which made it difficult to recognize colors properly. Nowadays with HID and LED lights the lights white, which means you get much better color rendering 


When you’ve got light mounted up this high, you really don’t want to have to change a lamp if you can possibly avoid it. So make sure you choose a product that’s going to last you a long time and make sure you quiz the manufacturer on how long its really going to last. Are you getting a warranty with the product and what does the lifetime of the product really mean if they say fifty thousand dollars? Is it going to die after fifty thousand hours? Or has it just lost some of its output? Ask these questions of the manufacturer and if you’re not happy with the answers pick another manufacturer.

Retrofitting new LED lights to existing columns is fairly straightforward these days, which makes upgrading to new technology that be easier. And with LED lights you can spread the weight of the loom and as on your columns more easily because you can direct the light more carefully in the direction you want it to go.

5、LED high mast lighting layout calculation 

The following information is required to complete a high mast lighting layout calculation and determine what Bill of Material and other equipment is needed to complete a floodlighting installation according to the indicated requirements 

Location of Project  

This information is needed to analyze and define the applicable voltage and current feeds that will be present for the project along with organizing the lighting calculations

Input Voltage
Used to validate the product models required for the project.  Input voltage supported is AC100-277V/ 200-480V at 50 / 60 Hz


Illumination Standards
This information will be used in the lighting calculations to determine equipment required and validate pole/mast height and locations
Lux Level and Uniformity standards provide guidance on specific illumination requirements.  If compliance with a standard is required, indicate the standard (ICAO, FAA, IES Military etc.).
Use of the illuminated area affects the lighting calculations and material required. Aircraft stands require higher illumination standards then general operations areas.  Indicate the use in the table.

High mast lighting Pole / Mast design
Retrofitting existing installations:  Indicate on the provided drawings the exact position of the poles.  Also required is the height of the existing poles and whether there position and heights are already defined or can they be changed.  If it can be changed, define the new location and pole height options.

New installations:  Indicate on the provided drawings the exact position of the new poles.  Also required is the height and type of poles and whether there position and heights are already defined or can it be changed.  If it can be changed, define the new location and pole height options.

apollo high mast lighting

AHM03 High Mast Light

6、High mast lighting specifications 

LED high mast light is used in different areas and their specifications will be different. AIKO Lighting, the professional LED high power light manufacturer, offers professional high mast lighting fixtures suits most applications. Please found the general information as follows:

Apollo High Mast Light
container yard lighting

210W~750W available

* High Mast Light Efficacy up to 140lm/W

* Luminaire lumens up to 97,500Lm

* THD<15

* Power Factor:≥0.9 at Max load

* Beam angle: 30°, 60°, Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V, Type VS(design according project requirement)

* Rating: IP 66, IK08,3G vibration

* 7 years warranty

* LED lifespan > 100,000 hours( TM-21 L70 )

* Operating temp -40~+50℃

– Highways/ContainerYards/ Truck Stops/Port Container/ Facilities Military/ Installations Large
/Area Industrial / Interchanges/Parking Lots/Airports/ Rail Yards/Toll Plazas/ Security Lighting

Please contact for more details.

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