How to reduce the cost of sports lighting?

The cost of sports lighting projects include investment on poles, luminaires and installation cost, also further maintenance cost. And basically, the cost of luminaires and installation could be quite different if you use different sports light from different suppliers.

How to reduce the installation cost?

For the retrofit projects, the most economic way to replace the existing Metal Halide or HPS sports light is by 1:1 replacement. It means you don’t need to change anything of the existing infrastructure such as the poles, platform on poles and even the circuit.

How to reduce the maintenance cost?

The maintenance cost include regular check of the circuit and luminaires and repair the dead luminaires. In order to reduce the maintenance cost, it must ensure the long lifetime of the luminaire and reduce the cost of replacement of the luminaires.

The following show how AIKO Lighting can help clients reduce the maintenance cost.


The light source and driver connected through the IP67 terminal box, and the box can be opened by hand without other tools. The driver gear can be installed on pole and also the bracket.

The lamp body is a real self-clean design. It means the lamp body can be cleaned by rains and pump water. There’s no need people to climb on the pole to clean the lamp.

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