How to choose the right lighting fixture for basketball court and stadium

Different venues may use different venue lighting fixtures to bring different experiences to users. How to choose the right lighting fixture for the basketball court and stadium is important to everyone. So, how to choose a professional court lighting fixture? In the purchase of stadium lighting fixtures, should from what aspects to choose?

Basketball court lighting uniformity: Whether the playground illuminance is uniform.

Lighting uniformity is used to measure the visual conditions of the basketball court. Uniformity means that the lighting of the basketball court should be uniform and there should not be too bright or too dark areas to provide good visual conditions for basketball players, spectators and referees. For example, during the TV broadcast, when the camera is shooting the panorama of the competition area, the illumination should not be changed greatly, otherwise the camera will be exposed.

Glare from basketball court lights: Is it obvious?

Glare is another important factor to evaluate the quality of basketball court lighting. Glare is related to the installation, height, quantity, density and light distribution of the lamp. When the brightness contrast in the field of vision is too large, people will feel dizzy, thus affecting visibility. If you look at the sun in the middle of a sunny day, you will find it hard to keep your eyes open. This is glare caused by too much brightness.

The glare of the basketball court is direct glare. If the light is dark, the light source is very harsh when the players exercise, and the eyes are uncomfortable for a long time, which seriously affects the players’ observation of the ball movement.

Basketball court light source: stable light source, high energy efficiency.

Now the commonly used lamps for basketball court lighting are LED lamps, which have high quality and long life LED packaging materials and good heat dissipation technology. The light attenuation is small and the LED light flux maintenance rate is high. The design of light distribution adopts the design concept of asymmetric equiillumination optics, uniform color distribution, no glare, excellent uniformity of illumination and brightness uniformity. Modular design, integrated structure of heat dissipation, light distribution and lamp shell, LED packaging technology, a single module power up to 200W.

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