How to choose sports courts lighting?

Multi-sports courts are increasingly sought after by people who are adept at healthy habits, sports lighting is an essential factor for good use of space. The practice of physical exercises and sports helps to improve health and physical performance, but the places used by amateur or professional athletes need to be correctly lit so as not to cause harm to their users.

What is the importance of efficiency in lighting for sports courts?

Efficient lighting of multi-sports courts is essential to ensure adequate lighting in the environment. State-of-the-art reflectors are capable of providing the desired visibility and safety for all athletes and fans.

Players cannot perform well if they are in glare conditions or in the presence of shadows, which are common at night. On the other hand, the public that attends the matches does not feel safe in dimly lit environments, not to mention the possibility of falls and accidents resulting from the lack of light.

Courts need to be lit according to their length, height and other important factors. Therefore, the lighting project can be an interesting option for those who want to present a perfect environment.

Traditional light bulbs create visual discomfort and consume a lot of electricity, in addition to not distributing light evenly. But current technologies make it possible to install different items to meet all the needs of those who use the sports courts.

In court lighting, the most indicated color temperature is cold white, because it keeps people in a state of alert, while warm white provides a feeling of comfort and produces drowsiness. As for the color reproduction index, the regulation requires it to be 80% for visibility to be considered ideal.

Glare is the sensation produced when the eyes come into direct contact with the light source, which can be the sun, lamps or reflectors. This phenomenon happens a lot in traffic, when a vehicle with high light approaches the driver and impairs his vision.

For sports courts, LED sports lightings are the solution to avoid this discomfort, which hinders the practice of activities.

The court model also influences the type of lighting and the choice of LED sports lightings, as the sports practiced are different. Tennis courts are designed to facilitate quick viewing and tracking of the ball. For this reason, the total illuminance at each point must be 1,200W, while the distance from the poles to the net must be 9 meters and 3.5 meters from the boundaries of the court.

Illuminance is a parameter used based on the amount of light that hits a given surface. Typically, it stays around 500 lumens to ensure perfect vision for athletes. The lighting for recreational courts can be 100 lumens, in semi-professional ones, 300 to 500 lumens, and in professional ones, it can reach 2,000 lumens.

As you can see, the ideal reflectors in court lighting vary according to the objectives and aspects of each environment.

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