How to buy LED floodlights for your stadium?

Modern stadiums require bright and comfortable lighting. Proper lighting not only improves the experience for players and spectators, but is also critical for HD broadcasts. When you need to upgrade your stadium flood lights or choose lighting for a new stadium, how to buy LED flood lights for your stadium? AIKO shares 5 key points for buying LED flood lights, which can be used as a reference before you choose the most suitable LED flood lights.

I.SuitableLighting Distribution

Before buying LED flood lights for your stadium, you need to understand the lighting distribution needs of the stadium, and then consider what type of lighting distribution should be chosen. Many customers will want to use a wide beam angle to illuminate most areas. If there are many light poles on the stadium, choosing too wide beam angle will waste a lot of light and energy.

AIKO has hundreds of light distribution for different level stadiums. We can discuss with you to help you choose the most suitable lighting distribution based on your stadium.

II.Meet HD Broadcast Requirements

Now more and more people like to watch sports games at home. This puts forward higher requirements on how to buy LED flood lights. The impact of stadium lighting is critical to the requirements of 4K HD and super slow motion TV shooting.

AIKO professional flood lights for broadcast have a high TLCI index, which can faithfully reproduce the colors of the field, and have flicker-free light sources to ensure perfect slow-motion shots.

III.Budget Cost & Product Quality

Budget cost will limit your random thoughts on choosing flood lights. The phrase “Quality directly proportional to price of product” affects the judgment of many customers. Many times they will blindly follow the price principle to choose high-priced products. This will bring a lot of financial pressure to the stadium project.

AIKO LED flood lights are designed to balance optimum performance with cost savings. AFL09 flood light is a representative product of AIKO. Its standard configuration is High Pure Aluminum Material & Cold Forging Process & AkzoNobel Coating. AIKO LED flood lights will be the best choice if you want to choose the optimal flood light within a reasonable budget cost.

IV.Maintenance Cost& Service Life

How long do you want your flood lights to last? Replacing stadium flood lights is a daunting and time-consuming job that takes a lot of time and labor. This means a lot of maintenance costs to pay. With the development of lighting technology, advanced LED lighting has longer service life than traditional lighting options.

AIKO chooses to cooperate with well-known LED brands in the market, using LEDs with good performance and long life. You can also choose your favorite LED brand to reduce the time and effort spent replacing stadium flood lights.

V .Necessary Special Requirements

In some areas there will be necessary special requirements, such as Cockatoo in Australia is very fond of destroying the PVC cables of the flood lights, which makes the flood lights unable to continue to illuminate the stadium. How to buy bird-proof LED flood lights?

AIKO AFL09 series is equipped with metal flex pipe so that Cockatoo can’t destroy the cable. Maybe we can also discuss more ways to prevent birds better together.

Buy LED flood lights from AIKO. For bright, comfortable, professional lighting while not exceeding your budget cost.

For more information, please contact us.


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