How CASAMBI Differs From Other Lighting Control Solutions

The Casambi solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the most advanced wireless technology and the only low power wireless technology in all modern smartphones and tablets, making it the only mainstream and future oriented low power radio technology in the world.

What comes to mind when your customers want to use Casambi to achieve intelligent control of lighting? How does Casambi differ from other lighting control solutions?

        1.Universally compatible

First, it’s based on Bluetooth Low Energy, which is standard on every smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch.

Second, there are thousands of compatible luminaires, drivers and control components in the Casambi Ready ecosystem, and the number is growing every day. This is the largest Bluetooth-based lighting ecosystem. As a specifier, you simply select the products you want and they will work together as long as they are Casambi Ready.

Casambi is integrated into manufacturers’ luminaires, including Zumtobel, Fagerhult, Regent, Deltalight, Occhio, Formalighting and many more, as well as control solutions in cooperation with manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, etc. There is even a DALI controller that combines DALI2 and Casambi functionality into a lighting control network.

Any manufacturer can incorporate Casambi into their products and they will always be 100% compatible with all other Casambi Ready products on the market.

        2.Easy to match and set up

Many times, planning and installing lighting controls becomes a headache for lighting designers and electrical engineers. Correctly wiring together many different modules and then configuring them to get the correct results can be complex, time-consuming and unpredictable. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Casambi is a completely wireless system in which luminaires and other devices communicate directly with each other. To create a Casambi installation, simply specify a Casambi Ready fixture. No hassle, no back and forth with the manufacturer, no need to worry about which modules can and cannot connect to other modules. As for debugging, it’s a simple thing, handled through the app, and can even be done remotely.

         3.Free control

The dedicated Casambi app is free for iOS and Android devices, giving you a complete toolkit of control opportunities. You can toggle and dim fixtures individually or in groups, create scenes and animations, set timers, and more. It is even possible to create circadian lighting schemes and dynamic light shows.

But the app is only an option. Traditional switches can also be used, either by retrofitting a Casambi module into an existing switch, or with Casambi Ready wireless switches – these have the added bonus that they can be easily moved, or installed where you can’t put wires.

        4.Powerful functions

Casambi creates a self-organizing and self-healing mesh network of luminaires and control devices. Intelligence is distributed throughout the network – meaning that if something breaks or changes, the rest of the system adapts and continues. It has a very solid design.

Unlike Wi-Fi-based lighting control systems, Casambi doesn’t rely on routers or gateways to communicate with your lights, so there’s no single point of failure. The fact that it doesn’t require an internet connection unless you’re linking to multiple networks or updating firmware means it’s safe from online threats.  

        5.Widely used

Whether it’s a small store, a large office building or a college campus, Casambi has the answer. An unlimited number of Casambi networks can be combined using the Site function, so thousands of luminaires can be controlled together. This means Casambi is ideal for controlling complex lighting in individual rooms, just as it manages the lighting of major buildings.


Casambi is now being used to control and manage lights in a long list of locations around the world, such as London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Arts, Venice’s historic Rialto Bridge, a restaurant in the Palace of Versailles, and the Apple Store. It’s a tried and tested and trusted system.

        7.Face to the future

How convenient the future will be with Casambi. The free mobile app is regularly updated and the firmware built into Casambi Ready products can be easily updated wirelessly via Bluetooth using the app. This sets Casambi apart from other connected lighting systems, which cannot be updated once installed. As the Casambi Ready ecosystem grows, new possibilities continue to emerge, including opportunities to leverage tunable white light, dynamic beam shaping products, and the Internet of Things.

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