High Voltage Sport Light/Flood Light

Well, when we talk about high voltage, we don’t mean high voltage output (using high voltage power supply), but high voltage input (high voltage between the power supply and the led board).

There are three main benefits of high-voltage input:

  1. Small wire diameter can be used. If your power supply is to be installed under a pole/tower, you must use a very long cord. If you can use a smaller wire diameter, you can save a lot of money.
  2. The voltage drop is small. If the power supply and the lamp are far apart, the voltage drop will be large, which will lead to a reduction in power. For example, the original 900-watt lamp, after the voltage drop, may only be 800 watts. The high voltage input can make the voltage drop smaller.
  3. The dimming effect is better. High-voltage input will make the dimming process more streamlined, there will be no obvious light and dark pauses, and the players and the audience will have a better experience.

Our G3 Champion sports light/flood light has a high voltage input. It is a good choice for your sports lighting projects.

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