High Mast Lighting Study

Height of high mast

When we talk about high mast lighting, the pole is generally at least 15m(49ft) to 30m(98ft)(conventional high mast system) and 35m(125ft) to 50m(175ft)( the modern high mast tower.

High Mast Lighting Poles

Platform on top of high mast

Per different application of the high mast lighting, there will be different platform on top of the high mast pole. The following show the typical typeHigh Mast Lighting Poles with flood lighting

AIKO Lighting solution for high mast pole

The HARMONY and ARES suitable with U-bracket, can be suitable for all kinds of high mast pole, especially for high mast tower.

The APOLLO high mast light is typical designed for high mast pole with crown platform on top of the pole.

High Power Flood Lighting

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