Glare Control for Stadium Lighting

The quality requirements for stadium lighting are that the entire sports field should have high brightness and color contrast, enough light at each point, uniform illumination, strong three-dimensional effect, appropriate light distribution, color temperature and color rendering of the light source To meet the requirements of color television broadcasting, and to limit the glare.


Glare limitation is the visual reaction that light falls on the retina, causing discomfort or reduced vision when viewing objects, and the effect on different people is also different. Glare depends on three factors which are interrelated: distance, brightness and direction. In general, people don’t aim directly at light sources. In order to ensure the uniformity of illumination and avoid glare interference, the elevation angle from the lowest point of the indoor sports field to the lamp must be greater than 45°, and because the indoor lighting equipment is far away from the athletes and spectators, precise lighting control is required. Indoor glare may also be caused by reflections from smooth floors or water surfaces, so careful consideration should be given to the configuration of lighting equipment to meet the lighting needs of various situations. Additionally, adding grilles and baffles to lighting fixtures can help control glare.

        2.Illuminance uniformity and three-dimensional effect

Illuminance uniformity refers to the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the maximum illuminance, or the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the average illuminance in the lighting area. The larger the value, the more uniform the illuminance.

Three-dimensional effect refers to the effect produced when light shines on objects (i.e. athletes and sports equipment), so that when they look from the shape, the details and outlines can be clearly expressed. “Lighting Design and Testing Standards for Stadium Lighting” stipulates that the average horizontal illuminance of the main competition area should be 0.75 to 2.0 times the average vertical illuminance when there is TV broadcast. FIFA and IAAF stipulate that the ratio is 0.5 to 2.0. The Olympic Games stipulates that the ratio is 0.75 to 1.5. The highest illuminance value in the central area of the sports field in the stadium is beneficial to ensure uniformity. For lateral lighting and lamp modeling, attention should be paid to how to increase the vertical illuminance value, and proper control of the horizontal illuminance value is beneficial to ensure the three-dimensional effect.

        3.Light color and color rendering

In lighting facilities, due to the different light colors of the light sources used, the lighting effects obtained are different. Therefore, when designing, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the light source in terms of quality other than illuminance. On the other hand, when the color rendering index of the light source is different, that is to say, the lighting atmosphere formed is also different, and an appropriate light source must be used according to the content of the sport.

        4.Color TV broadcasting requirements for lighting quality

The vertical illuminance of the site is the main indicator for the design of color TV relay lighting. Generally speaking, the lighting of stadiums must meet the requirements of athletes, spectators and photographers. Therefore, it is required that the horizontal illuminance, vertical illuminance and the brightness of the camera when shooting the panoramic picture must maintain the consistency of the change, and the brightness change ratio between the athletes, the venue and the audience must not exceed a certain value, so as to adapt to the camera requirements of color TV.

AIKO’s G3 LED flood light is the best choice for stadium lighting. AIKO chooses ultra-high standard materials as the standard configuration for G3. Symmetrical optics and asymmetrical optics match the needs of different sports. The customized anti-glare visor meets the requirements of anti-glare stadium lighting.

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