With the advancement of science and technology and the development of society, people’s demand for sports activities is growing day by day, and various sports events such as football, basketball, and baseball have attracted more and more attention. Stadium lighting is an indispensable and important part of modern sports venues. Its technical level and quality directly affect the performance of athletes and the viewing experience of spectators. Therefore, the future trend of world stadium lighting has become an issue that requires urgent attention.

  1. Intelligent

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligence has become an inevitable trend in the development of stadium lighting. The future stadium lighting system will have the functions of autonomous learning and intelligent control, and can automatically adjust parameters such as light intensity and color temperature according to the specific conditions and actual needs of the game to achieve the best lighting effect. In addition, the intelligent stadium lighting system can also realize remote monitoring and fault warning, which greatly improves the reliability and maintenance efficiency of the system.

  1. Green and environmentally friendly

The deepening of environmental awareness has made green and energy-saving stadium lighting the development direction of the industry. New stadium lighting products will pay more attention to the application of energy-saving technology, and achieve energy-saving and consumption reduction in stadium lighting by using efficient light sources, optimized optical systems, and intelligent control strategies. In addition, the green and environmentally friendly stadium lighting system will also pay attention to the problem of light pollution and take measures such as shading and adjustment of projection angle to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.

  1. Personalization

Audiences’ demands for watching sports events are becoming increasingly diversified, and personalized stadium lighting will become a major trend in the future. Future stadium lighting systems will be able to provide customized lighting solutions for various events based on the type of competition, venue characteristics, and audience needs. For example, in a football match, the light intensity and color temperature can be adjusted to highlight the movement of the football and improve the audience’s viewing experience.

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