Free lighting renovation evaluation

what is lighting transformation?
The process of replacing the old lighting system (such as metal halide) with new and more energy-saving lighting. In the past 10/15 years, the progress of lighting technology has made it possible to reduce the monthly water and electricity costs by up to 50/60% by installing energy-saving lighting systems. The energy saving effect calculated over time will be sufficient to cover the cost of new equipment and generate a return on investment through the energy saved each month.

Why should you reform your lighting system?

There are many reasons for enterprises to transform their lighting systems. In most cases, the main reason is that enterprises can reduce the monthly water and electricity costs by up to 60%. In addition, Ontario’s regional hydropower companies will issue financial rebates for eligible lighting projects. Most projects managed by Lighting Solutions will get a return on investment between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the project size and specific requirements.

Reasons for lighting transformation

– Reduce water and electricity costs;

– comply with energy standards;

– Get government incentives and tax savings;

– Better lighting quality;

– Reduce maintenance costs and extend product life;

– Improve worker productivity;

– Instant on/off (the old metal halide can take up to 15 minutes to turn on completely, and the new energy-saving lighting will turn on immediately when it is turned on).

Lighting transformation expectation

Every enterprise has different needs, so it will have different expectations. AIKO LIGHTING provides free and obligatory lighting assessment for all types of buildings around the world.

What happens during the lighting assessment?

One of our experts will evaluate and analyze your specific lighting requirements for the renovation site provided by you. AIKO LIGHTING will then develop a proposal, which will outline the possible lighting options, savings, government rebates, return on investment, etc., and specify your requirements.

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