Features of DIALux lighting software

Lighting design software is general purpose software. The widely used lighting design software is DIALux developed and designed by DIAL company in Germany. Mainly used in Europe. In recent years, DIALux has entered the Chinese market. DIALux software is an internationally renowned lighting design software. It provides overall lighting system data and reduces the problems of designers and engineers in analyzing lighting data. DIALux can be widely used in indoor, outdoor or street lighting calculations. DIALux can accurately calculate the required illuminance, and provide complete written reports and 3D simulation diagrams. Making good use of the analysis data and simulation functions of the software can greatly improve the work efficiency and accuracy of lighting designers.

In the DIALux lighting software, it has an open lighting database, product information of each lighting manufacturer, photometric data from light source, color temperature, light distribution curve to sample pictures, etc., which is convenient for users to search.  

The working interface of DIALux lighting software is simple, similar to most of the software we usually use, simple and convenient, with powerful mouse drag function support, convenient toolbar and property bar. Designers can load the design drawings into DIALux in DWG format to perform lighting calculations. The report function of DIALux is also very powerful. After calculation, you can see the range we set in detail from the report to determine whether the design scheme meets the requirements. It can reflect the lighting level, iso-illuminance diagram, point illuminance value, and point illuminance. Table grayscale map, etc., and can also display the above reports according to the orientation.

Application of DIALux lighting software in engineering design

The main task of electrical lighting design is to carry out lighting system design, lighting control design and equipment selection according to the requirements of standard contrast illuminance, lighting power density, glare color rendering and other aspects for different building occasions.

The calculation engineer team of AIKO Lighting is an excellent team, and all members have rich experience. Especially this engineer manager, is a well-known person in the lighting industry. He is familiar with different types of stadium lighting requirements and is often able to satisfy clients with the first calculation.

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