Factors to consider when selecting high performance LED lights for sports and stadiums

There are certain factors to take into consideration when selecting the best LED light solutions for sports and stadiums, which are crucial to determine the efficiency of the LED lights suitable for the stadium. These factors include:

➡ Energy efficiency – different LED lights have different luminous efficiencies; it depends on the LED light produced to use in the stadium.

➡ Anti-glare – If the glare index of the stadium lighting is high, the player is subjected to a curtain of strong light, which deters him/her from seeing and following a flying ball, leading to poor performance, and even injury. The GL-SFL series stadium light is ideal for resolving this issue, as it has an anti-glare shield which may greatly decrease glare and manage light leakage.

➡ Heat dissipation system – A strong cooling system is very important for stadium LED lights, which are similar to any computer or high powered electronic system requiring proper heat dissipation. Heat is a major factor to study and resolve because too much heat can cause problems in the stadium.

➡ Ease of Installation – with advancements in systems technology, and in installation procedures, you should logically aim for LED solutions that are easy to install and set-up within the stadium.

➡ Control – LED lights with smart and swift control will provide the most dynamic and engaging results for the stadium, replacing traditional metal HID lights that can’t be controlled smartly, and are confined to an on/off switch control.

However, the need for lighting goes beyond the lighting system itself; light is studied with the aim of creating an ambiance and making the surroundings more engaging. Many stadiums are used for more than just games or training; they often host shows, seminars in addition to other events, considering varying requirements for the brightness and lighting effects for each type of scene.

➡ Resistance to the wind – LED lights should be easy to install but at the same time, they should be wind-resistant.

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