Do you know these baseball field lighting designs?

The lighting requirements of a baseball field are different from those of other venues. The area of a baseball field is about 1.6 times that of a football field, and its shape is fan-shaped. Therefore, there are many aspects to consider when designing baseball stadium lighting.

Illumination values for infield and outfield

Generally speaking, the average illuminance of the inner field is about 50% higher than the average illuminance of the outer field, so the uniformity of the illuminance of the outer field is difficult, that is, the illuminance value at the junction of the inner field. Fields and outfields must be considered. It is expected that the illuminance values of the infield and the outfield will be designed to have significant differences, and it is more hoped that the boundary between the infield and the outfield will become a watershed between high and low illuminance values. In this way, the illuminance value of the outfield area adjacent to the infield is reduced. And the difference between the illuminance value of this area and the arc edge area of the outer field is reduced, thereby improving the illuminance uniformity of the outer field.

Projection point and beam angle of each lamp

When designing, the projection point and beam angle of each lamp must be selected and calculated one by one. If necessary, the height of the light pole needs to be adjusted to ensure that the lighting indicators of the baseball field comply with the standards of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and the relevant standards of domestic venues.

Uniformity of baseball field lighting

The lighting design of the baseball field must not only meet the average vertical illuminance and average horizontal illuminance, but also must achieve the uniformity of vertical illuminance and the proportional coefficient of horizontal illuminance.

Limit glare index value

Limit the value of the glare index, and choose a light source with a higher color rendering index and corresponding color temperature to meet the basic functional requirements of lighting the baseball field.

Ensure the normal skills of baseball players during night training and games. At the same time, it ensures that the momentary actions, movements and sports postures of the athletes can be clearly reflected during the color TV broadcast, and the trajectory of the baseball in high-speed motion can be captured.

Projection point determination

The limitation of glare can be achieved from many factors such as the determination of the projection point, the adjustment of the height of the lamp pole, and the selection of the beam angle of the lamp. The four pole lights on the curve of the baseball field all face the infield home plate, so determining the illuminance value in the vertical direction is also likely to cause glare to the catcher.

Therefore, limiting the glare index of the baseball field is a key point in lighting design. It must be calculated and modified repeatedly until the calculated value is satisfied.

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