Detailed explanation of venue lighting: the importance of LED sports lighting fixtures for sports venues!

The lighting of sports venues is a difficult point that cannot be underestimated. In particular, HDTV must ensure clear images and true colors during the real-time broadcast of the game, and can report close-ups of athletes, situations near the audience stands and sports venues, and emergency events. It also needs to meet the requirements of theatrical performances, exhibitions, concerts and other venues, and it must also ensure the personal safety of fans entering, leaving, and enjoying the venue.

  Stadium Lighting

  Lighting fixtures for large sports venues should be applicable to competitions, training and other use standards for various types of sports. In many cases, not only one venue but two or three venues are being carried out at the same time; and the lighting mode of the same game in the same sports venue is also different in different time periods. Such as: fans admission, opening, event preparation, official events, intermission, end of game, etc. For the regulation of each scene, if the traditional lighting mode is used, it is already difficult to accurately express the standard requirements of each event scene. To meet all the above functions, LED stadium lighting fixtures are indispensable. This requires a more accurate calculation of the lighting effect to maintain the illuminance and lighting quality of all lighting fixtures in the stadium. There are corresponding regulations on the vertical illuminance, uniform illuminance, color rendering index, and color temperature of the light source for venue lighting. In addition to the different standards of different venues and different levels, lighting design is carried out according to the venue standards, and general stadiums will have design drawings. What is the quality of a sports venue measured? The answer is the lighting environment. A bad lighting environment is not only uneven, but also has relatively large glare, which affects the feeling of sight. This situation will not occur in a good lighting environment. What should be paid attention to in a good lighting environment? The first is the applicable place. Different applicable venues have different requirements, and if the same standard is used to measure it, it will cause a lot of waste. For example, the requirements for broadcast-level color rendering performance are relatively high, while ordinary entertainment-level stadiums do not have very high requirements for this item. The second is the way of lighting. For example, outdoor basketball courts generally use side lights, but indoor basketball courts generally use chandeliers, and gymnasiums generally use lights on the top. Finally, there are lighting uniformity, brightness and glare. With the development of multiple technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, the advanced AIKO LED smart lighting system will usher in greater room for development. 1. Easy to achieve secondary energy saving: On the basis of energy saving in lighting, energy consumption can be reduced again through intelligent management to effectively save energy. 2. Lighting mode switching: The lighting can be switched among different modes such as professional broadcast, professional competition, amateur competition, amateur training, etc. 3. Significantly improve management efficiency: Through the intelligent lighting system management platform, the human management mode is upgraded to the intelligent management mode. 4. Ensure the safety of sports lighting: on the basis of realizing a healthy light environment, monitor the operating status of equipment in real time and respond quickly. Since entering the subdivision of sports lighting, AIKO has provided high-quality lighting fixtures and mature system lighting solutions. During the implementation of the project, an excellent team of sports lighting experts was formed to carry out detailed and complete lighting design and on-site survey according to the structural characteristics of different venues, and complete the on-site lighting debugging according to the lighting design drawings. Efficiently created many successful sports lighting engineering cases. The lamps made by AIKO not only have excellent glare and spill light treatment, but also have excellent performance in terms of energy saving, service life, installation and maintenance, intelligent application, and light quality. They are the choice of lighting for many sports venues.

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