Considerations for Sports Lighting Design

Levels and Requirements

Different levels of sports venues have different requirements for lighting design. The higher the level, the more factors need to be considered. In the sports lighting design, according to domestic standards, the sports venues are divided into six levels, the first level is used for national fitness and entertainment, the second level is used for amateur competitions, and the third level is used for professional competitions. None of them are rebroadcasted. The fourth level is for color TV broadcasts of domestic competitions, the fifth level is for color TV broadcasts of major domestic and international competitions, and the sixth level is for high-definition color TV broadcasts of international and domestic major competitions. These three levels are broadcasted. The parameters of the sixth-level sports venue are different from others, and the requirements are more stringent, such as vertical illuminance, strobe, and illuminance gradient of mobile cameras.

Bottom Line and Balance

What is the bottom line for stadiums? What exactly needs to be balanced? The bottom line is to know which principles can be broken through and which ones cannot. Balance is to meet the requirements of many aspects, but there is no need to pursue perfection. If you want to make one of them very good, then this venue will have problems, either the cost is too high, or other needs will be ignored.

Know the rules of sports

To do sports lighting design, you need to have excellent professional knowledge, and you also need to understand the rules of sports, and know the main direction of sight and movement direction of athletes during the competition. Also think about what kind of situation there might be, etc., so that we can avoid the light from interfering with the athletes.

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