Changing Metal Halide Lamp to Led Sports Light

I believe that many people in the stadium lighting industry are familiar to this story. The Super Bowl was shut down for nearly 30 minutes because of a power outage. Although the Superdome team did everything possible to solve the problem, it took time to achieve proper lighting. Because metal halide lamp take time to warm up.

Why should we replace the metal halide lamp in stadiums with led lighting? Let’s start with the shortcomings of metal halide lamp.
Disadvantages of metal halide lamp:
1. hard to buy accessories .
All countries around the world are slowly phasing out metal halide lamp, and there are fewer and fewer manufacturers of metal halide lamp, so it is difficult to obtain the accessories of metal halide. We once heard a story about EYELIGHTING, the largest metal halide  lamp manufacturer in Japan, who needed someone to blow the shape in one step of making metal halide light bulbs, and with this person’s retirement, no one could do it anymore.

Metal halide lamp need a warm-up time.
This is the question at the beginning of the article. In sports competitions, if there is a power outage or other problems, even if the power system is restarted immediately, it will take about 30 minutes for the metal halide lamp to restart.
3. Metal halide lamp need to be replaced regularly.
The lifetime of the metal halide lamp is very short, and the performance of the metal halide lamp begins to decline after 200 hours. This means that the metal halide lamp will lose a lot of light output very soon.

4. Metal halide lamp can not achieve some lighting effects.
In modern sports events, even in ordinary country games, flashing lights or other lighting effect are already common. However, due to the warm-up time of metal halide lamp is too long, it is impossible to achieve these lighting effects.

Led lamps sports light can easily solve these shortcomings of metal halide lamp.
1. Switch on and off at any time, there is no warm-up time for Led sports lights.
Unlike the metal halide lamp, which needs to be warmed up for about 30 minutes, it can be turned on and off at any time. This makes it possible to achieve a variety of lighting effects.
2. Led sports lamp has a long lifetime.
Research shows that the lifetime of LED sports lamp is five times longer than that of metal halide lamp. Because led sports lights do not need to be turned on for 24 hours, many LED sports lamp manufacturers such as Musco,Philips even propose a lifetime of 10 years to 20 years.
3.led sports light can provide a variety of optical angles.
Unlike metal halide lamp, led sports light has a wide range of optical angles. According to different stadiums, according to different height installation, etc., the appropriate optical angle can provide a perfect lighting design.
4. Low maintenance cost.
Unlike metal halide lamp, sports lights do not have bulbs that need to be changed frequently. High-quality sports light can operate smoothly for at least five years or more without any maintenance.

Summary, LED Sports Lights offer a variety of lighting options for stadiums.
If your stadium is still using metal halide lamp, please contact us for professional advice to change to led sports light.

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