Case Study – Denmark Soccer Filed Lighting

Soccer Training Field Lighting (3)
Soccer Training Field Lighting (2)

AIKO Lighting has installed sports lighting in soccer field lighting in Denmark. All use 600W LED sports lighting with NB-P55 assymetric lighting distribution. All are coating with AkozNobel painting. It is great for outdoor protection. The customer is quite happy with the good spill light control.

Soccer Training Field Lighting (1)
Good spill light control

AIKO Lighting supplied the below sports lighting. Harmony LED Sports Lighting.

  1. Very compact size. 
  2. Low weight.
  3. ENEC, CB approval.
  4. 1000hours salt spray testing.
  5. Narrow beam: 12degree
  6. Assymetric beam: NB-P55
  7. Great control of spill light

Harmony 600W LED Sports Lighting

We will take the product to LightFair which will be 21-23 June. See you there.

Contact:AIKO Lighting Co.,Ltd.


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