Can we truly replace metal halide one for one ?

Metal halide naturally produces a very high CRI, flicker-free light with a very good colour temperature. The development of the reflectors over the years has resulted in a very efficient system that was relatively simple for designers to specify. With only two main beam patterns, almost any big-field sport was catered for and increasing the number of lights brought up the lux readings to the desired level.

AIKO Lighting teams have continued to improve light output and efficiencies. AIKO Optic designers have carried on working away and now our ASP04 Series LED Sports Floodlights that can truly replace metal halide one for one.

There are a number of points to consider when we’re looking at doing a replacement.

1.Weight and sail area (surface area)

The poles you currently use have been designed for a specific weight and sail area. Increasing either, or both of these could have quite dramatic effects in high wind. Make sure that neither of them exceeds what is currently used, or check the original poles drawings to make sure the increase can be accommodated in the existing design.

This should be carried out by a qualified structural engineer.

2.Lux levels

Assess accurately what the current lux levels are of your field, decide what you need.

3.Power consumption

Once the layout design has been completed, ensure that the power consumption is within the tolerances of what you have available for peak demand. This might sound obvious but many systems have been implemented without taking this into account.


4.CRI requirement will depend on what level of sport is being played. For most training and club applications 70 CRI is sufficient. If the games are to be televised or it is amateur level with a small ball i.e. cricket, then 90 CRI may be needed. This is not something that can be changed later so needs consideration early on as the price is affected by up to 20%.


If you’re not sure about the company making the lights, or can’t find out much about them, the two most important parts of the light are the driver and the LED’s. If both these components are from a reliable source, it is likely the lamp will stay the pace.

AIKO Lighting design team has now used advanced technology to get high efficacy and less glare optic performance.

AIKO’s ASP04 LED Sports Floodlights choose Symmetrical light distribution enhancing uniformity of vertical and horizontal, meanwhile reducing light spill especially back pole light in residential area. 

AIKO’s ASP04 LED Sports Floodlights come with Low wind resistance design, a variety of light distribution from ultra-small to large angle, fit for different applications, and super less weight with aviation aluminum,

These above makes is simpler for the lighting designer, and you should be able to rely on AIKO’s LED Sports Floodlights.

So contact us today and AIKO’s LED Sports Floodlights are the right solution for you.


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