Basketball lighting design standards and technical requirements?

In recent years, with the promotion and development of the NBA, it has driven the advancement of basketball to a certain extent. Basketball lighting is indispensable for basketball games and the sport of basketball. Next, AIKO Lighting will share with you some concepts related to basketball lighting:

(1) Horizontal uniformity of basketball court

Horizontal illuminance is the value measured when the illuminance meter is placed horizontally above the field. Usually, a 10mx10m grid is established on the site when measuring and calculating the maximum, minimum and average illuminance of the site.

(2) Variation coefficient of basketball court

Basketball is a high-speed sport, and maintaining a good uniformity of illumination on the court can help improve players’ on-the-spot performance and create high-definition video recordings. The following methods can be used to measure the uniformity, whether CV or UG can measure the uniformity.

(3) Vertical illumination of basketball court

Field camera vertical illumination. Vertical illuminance refers to the illuminance of the athlete going up vertically. Too much vertical illuminance variation will result in poor digital video quality. Designers must consider the illumination balance in all directions in order to reduce the uneven illumination when shooting on-site cameras.

(4) Color temperature of basketball court

Color temperature is the feeling or phenomenon that describes the warm (red) or cool (blue) appearance of illuminance. With the current digital camera technology, the camera can adjust according to the actual color temperature and contrast to obtain the ideal color quality.

(5) Color rendering index of basketball court

Color rendering index is the ability of artificial lighting sources to reproduce natural light. The higher the color rendering index, the better the light color.

(6) Selection of basketball court lighting

At present, in the field of basketball court lighting, many basketball courts have chosen to cooperate with AIKO Sports Lighting.

AIKO Lighting’s Harmony G3 Sports Lighting can be started instantly, with uniform brightness, with a color temperature close to natural light and softer light. The light body is made of high-quality aviation aluminum profiles, which are efficient in heat dissipation, low-carbon and energy-saving, with no stroboscopic, anti-glare, high Brightness and other unique advantages meet the lighting needs of various stadiums and provide the best lighting environment for sports arenas.

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