Basketball court lighting design standards and technical requirements?

In recent years, with the promotion and development of the NBA, it has driven the progress of basketball to a certain extent. Basketball lighting is an integral part of the game of basketball and the sport of basketball. Let me share with you some related concepts of basketball lighting:

(1) The level uniformity of the basketball court

Horizontal illuminance is the value measured when the lux meter is placed horizontally above the site. Usually, when measuring and calculating the maximum value, minimum value and average value of the illuminance of the site, a grid of 10mx10m is established on the site.

(2) The coefficient of variation of the basketball court

Basketball is a high-speed sport. Maintaining good lighting uniformity on the pitch helps improve player presence and high-definition video. The following method can be used to measure the uniformity, regardless of CV or UG can be used to measure the uniformity.

(3) Vertical illumination of basketball court

Live camera vertical illuminance. Vertical illuminance refers to the vertical upward illuminance of athletes. Too much variation in vertical illuminance can result in poor digital video quality. Designers must consider the balance of illuminance in all directions to reduce the unbalanced illuminance when shooting with on-site cameras.

(4) Basketball court color temperature

Color temperature is the feeling or phenomenon that describes the warm (red) or cool (blue) appearance of illuminance. With the current digital camera technology, the camera can be adjusted according to the actual color temperature and contrast to obtain ideal color quality.

(5) Basketball Court Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index is the ability of artificial light sources to restore natural light. The higher the color rendering index, the better the light color.

(6) Selection of basketball court lamps

At present, in the field of basketball court lighting, many basketball courts have chosen to cooperate with AIKO Lighting.

AIKO lighting starts instantly, with uniform brightness, color temperature close to natural light, softer light, 50,000-hour long lifespan, the lamp body is made of high-quality aviation aluminum profiles, efficient heat dissipation, low-carbon energy saving, no flicker, anti-glare, high brightness and other unique advantages and 144 kinds of light distribution curves can meet the lighting needs of various sports venues and provide the best lighting environment for sports venues.

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