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To finish a sport safely, lighting is an important factor. If there is no sports lighting suitable for the space, athletes, both professionals, and amateurs may be at risk and their practice may be affected.

Therefore, custom lighting projects that produce visual comfort and energy efficiency must be part of the game, whether it’s tennis, football, or any other sport.

How to illuminate the sports fields well?

First of all, it is necessary to know that the playground-whether amateur, semi-professional or professional-must has uniform lighting to ensure the visibility and comfort of practitioners and viewers. Therefore, efficient motion lighting must exist in:

Tennis court.

Multi-function sports ground.

Five-a-side football field.

Football field.


In other sports venues (such as skating ramps, bike lanes, and skating rinks).

Therefore, when viewing each of these spaces, you must develop a lighting project that includes factors such as course size, glare, uniformity, illuminance, sufficient height, and reflector resistance or LED sports lights.

What factors should be considered for good playground lighting?

Now let’s have a better understanding of what must be considered inefficient lighting projects that ensure the safety, visibility, and comfort of playgrounds and multiple playgrounds. Take a look at the truth:

1.Color rendering index.

According to the above criteria, the minimum color rendering index (Ra) on the playground is 80%. But what is the level of color restoration? It is a value that shows the extent to which a certain light allows the color to be displayed accurately, using sunlight as a quality reference. The rating ranges from 0 to 100, where 100 is the highest quality level for color reproduction.

As a result, some types of less efficient lamps cannot meet the minimum requirements of the standard. In this sense, the LED sports light is the most ideal type, because, in addition to meeting the indicators specified in the standard, it is also a more favorable choice in terms of energy efficiency and service life (between 20000 and 32000 hours).


Here, we have the illuminance factor, that is, the amount of light falling on the surface. It is measured in lx. For the playground, the index is about 300 lx on the horizontal plane and can vary according to the needs of each sport.

Illuminance is important for physical activity at night and does not cause any damage to visibility.

3.The size and type of the sports fields.

Here, we remind you that you must consider the size and sports use of the court-tennis, basketball, five-a-side football, beach tennis, and so on. -and multi-purpose sports grounds, both indoor and outdoor. As we said before, every factor affects the requirements of lighting.

Therefore, when we talk about sports field lighting, we have to go beyond the power of the luminaire and its initial cost. Of course, all of the above factors are essential except for the maintenance cost and energy consumption as well as the strength of the material.

Finally, now that you know the importance and advantages of sports lights suitable for stadiums and multiple playgrounds (indoor and outdoor), please send your site specifications to our team of experts for study and request quotations. The ideal light suitable for your competition is about to be turned on!

For more information, please contact us.


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