AIKO Lighting was invited to participate in the forum of ONLIGHT light exhibition

The 2022 Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week will officially start from July 25th to 28th.Bill, general manager of AIKO Lighting Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the forum with the theme of “Meeting is Beautiful”.This forum is one of the important forums of Shenzhen Fashion Furniture Design Week & ONLIGHT Light Exhibition.

The theme of the forum has two meanings. The first is that because of the impact of the global epidemic, it is very difficult to gather many experts in the lighting industry together, and it also makes everyone feel very good. The second is that this forum hopes Through the lighting business, it can bring light to human beings and bring beauty to people around the world.

AIKO Lighting has been the leader of large area illumination for past 12 years, especially in sports lighting. From design to installation, from professional stadiums to local fields, our experienced engineers, designers, electricians, installers, sales, support teams partner and manufacturering plant with you to provide a turn-key, state-of-the-art, virtually maintenance free LED lighting solution all at an incredible value.

BIll, general manager of AIKO Lighting, shared his views in the forum, such as lighting design, optical design, lighting manufacturing plant and lighting product application, etc.

Bill communicated carefully with each expert, sharing his experience, so that everyone can get some new inspiration.

Bill believes that light is everywhere, and our life is inseparable from the application of light.In the future, AIKO Lighting will integrate different light application technologies to provide the most advanced lighting technology for various industries around the world, and use light to produce beauty.


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