AIKO Lighting held a welcome meeting for colleagues returning from a business trip to the US

Today, four of our colleagues returned from a business trip in the United States. We extended a warm welcome and lofty tribute to them with flowers and applause! 2022 is an extraordinary year. In order to bring better service to foreign customers, the outstanding employees of AIKO took the initiative to participate in the LightFair 2022 exhibition, and went to visit customers. They served customers wholeheartedly and let customers see our excellent product value and professional services.

AIKO Lighting has been the leader of large area illumination for past 12 years, especially in sports lighting. From design to installation, from professional stadiums to local fields, our experienced engineers, designers, electricians, installers, sales, support teams partner and manufacturering plant with you to provide a turn-key, state-of-the-art, virtually maintenance free LED lighting solution all at an incredible value.

In this event, we have achieved excellent results, not only won the praise and recognition of users, but also laid a solid foundation for AIKO to continue to cultivate foreign markets and accelerate the pace of international development.

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