AFL18 ATHENA New Product Launch

AFL18 ATHENA is a very cost-effective, stockable and very flexible floodlight. Customers can freely choose modules to splice them. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in docks, ports, crossroads, football fields, tennis courts, and various large-area lighting fields. Power range from 400W to 1500W. A single module can produce 400W or 500W, and the luminous efficacy is 160lm/W, which is very suitable for energy saving projects. The module splicing on the back can be plugged and unplugged, which is very convenient. It adopts ADC12 die-cast aluminum and Akzo-level anti-corrosion powder coating, which is suitable for use in harsh environments. The optics are symmetrical and asymmetrical. AIKO specially designed a polarized lens for AFL18 ATHENA, which is very suitable for tennis courts. The PC lens + glass design achieves double protection, IP66 and IK08 protection. The wind resistance of the product is low, only 0.98ft² at 0° tilt. Friendly for light poles and retrofits projects.

P50 Asymmetric Optic-Professional Design for Tennis Courts

Creating good visibility requires adequate contrast between objects and their backgrounds, good lighting levels and even distribution of light (uniformity) and minimizing glare.

The comfortable visual experience allows athletes, cameras and spectators to fully immerse themselves in the game. It is our goal to provide an excellent visual experience and let people enjoy sports itself more. 

AIKO’s team provides free DIXLUX/AGI32/RELUX lighting calculations, we can recommend suitable products for your site and adjust them to the best installation angle.

Unique modular design can reduce maintenance costs and easier for distributors to stock this range of products in the warehouse. The driver box can be remote and integrated into the back of the fixture to fit different projects’ requirements. This can reduce the cost of installation.

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