AFL09 HARMONY G3 Latest Model500W/600W

AIKO launched the latest AFL09 HARMONY G3 500W/600W model. It has been modified on the original AFL09 HARMONY G3, the drive size is smaller, and the bracket scale is optimized and upgraded. Added accessories with customizable colors that can echo the color of the customer’s LOGO. Frontal EPA/Scx is (0.123m²) 1.33ft²and net weight is 14.65kg including the driver. Luminaire is only 11.65kgs.

Let’s see what the original AFL09 HARMONY G3 looks like. As shown below picture, here are the integrated driver solution and drive box installed on the bracket.

So what’s the difference between them? The original AFL09 HARMONY G3 drive box has enough space to add extra accessories, such as wireless control, bluetooth control, surge protection device etc. It is more suitable for projects with sufficient budget and requirements for driver installation methods.

The latest AFL09 HARMONY G3 500W/600W model is made of cold-forged aviation pure aluminum, which has excellent heat dissipation and is very suitable for replacement projects. For example, there are strict requirements on the weight limit of light poles, and projects with strict requirements on the size of the cross arm, it will be a good choice to choose it.

The drive is AIKO’s exclusive customized size, with excellent performance, reliable lifespan, and AIKO providing 7-year warranty.

AFL09 HARMONY G3 has a variety of optical options, suitable for football fields, tennis courts, rugby fields, baseball fields, ski resorts, airport lighting, port lighting, etc. Anti-UV lens, long life, excellent control of the spill light device can let the light projected to where the venue needs. LED uses standardized IES LM-80-08 and TM-21-11 methods for collecting long-term data and extrapolating LED lumen maintenance.

AIKO Lighting has been focusing on high-power lighting for the past 11 years, especially in the sports lighting industry. AIKO Lighting provides you with a complete set of services, from engineering inquiry to complete shipment, and offering consulting service until the project installation finished at the end user’s site. We always keep tightly communication with our clients throughout the process. 

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