Advantages of basketball court lighting and how to choose basketball court lighting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports. In living areas, schools, stadiums and other places, there are almost basketball courts, and many people can be seen playing basketball. Basketball is an opponent-centered physical confrontation sport, so there are certain restrictions on physical conditions. But even if the physical condition is not good, after long-term, cyclical and gradual exercise, you will gradually enhance your physique.

For a modern basketball stadium, not only the appearance of the building is required to be beautiful and generous, but also the requirements for various facilities of the venue are relatively high. In order to improve the level and popularity of the venue, a good lighting environment is essential.

Basketball stadium lighting is an important part of basketball stadium design, and it is relatively complicated. As long as the general basketball court has lighting, it can meet the sports needs of the court. But for professional basketball venues, only professional lighting fixtures can meet the lighting needs of the venue. Because it not only needs to meet the requirements of athletes on the field for competitions and audience watching, but also sometimes meets the requirements of color temperature, illuminance, and uniformity of illuminance for live TV broadcasting and rebroadcasting. This requirement is far higher than that of athletes and spectators.

Professional basketball venues also consider many factors when choosing lighting fixtures, such as energy saving and environmental protection, long life of lamps, soft and non-glare light, reflective light overflow and so on. So, what brand of lamps and lanterns should be chosen for professional basketball stadium lighting to meet all the above requirements?

Nowadays, most of the professional basketball venues use LED lighting fixtures, and the light source can meet the illumination of different venues, such as training and entertainment activities. AIKO is a sports lighting industry solution provider, focusing on the R&D, design, production and sales of LED stadium lighting products. The original imported light source is used to drive the world famous brand power supply. The color temperature is closer to natural light, and the appearance of the lamp body is beautiful and generous.

AIKO LED Stadium Lights have the following advantages:

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection, no bulb risk, no ultraviolet light hazard, reduce environmental light pollution;
  2. Built-in anti-glare and anti-overflow device;
  3. High cost performance, low maintenance and long service life;
  4. Instantaneous switch start, easy to use;
  5. The intelligent lighting system can realize training entertainment mode, amateur competition mode and professional competition mode;
  6. The control operation is simple and can be controlled on the computer and mobile terminal;
  7. Seiko aluminum, fast heat conduction, anti-corrosion, anti-aging.

AIKO has long been engaged in the lighting design of various sports venues, the research and development, design, production and sales of venue lighting, and can provide professional lighting solutions and reasonable lighting fixtures. And has its own design team to design different site lighting schemes according to different venues, so that the entire sports venue can be automatically controlled, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to operate, easy to maintain, etc. At the same time, installers will also install lighting fixtures according to the overall planning of the stadium.

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