Why are smart street lights more and more popular?

The construction of smart cities is getting faster and faster, and more and more cities are planning smart city projects. The core of smart city is energy saving, safety and humanistic care, among which energy saving is the key point to be paid attention to. The rapid economic development now inevitably causes some pollution to the environment. Saving energy and reducing emissions is very important to the environment we love. The intelligent control module of urban road lighting is a large consumer of electric energy, and its energy-saving effect directly affects the results of energy-saving and emission reduction.   

Why are smart street lights more and more popular? 

  1. The smart street light lighting control system is more convenient to control the street lights. It can remotely control all lighting fixtures on the road in the central control room, reducing manpower and material resources.
  2. The centralized control of street lights will reduce a lot of interference, which makes the lighting control of street lights more automatedand intelligent. For example, road lights can be turned on or off according to different times of the year and combined with the weather conditions at that time, saving energy and meeting needs.
  3. The intelligent street lighting control system can adjust the brightness of the lamps, so as to protect the lamps more effectively and increase the service life of the lamps.
  4. The management of street lights is more clear, and the switching situation of each street light can be clearly known on the software, which is a visual management and operation.
  5. It is possible to know exactly which lamphas a problem, which is convenient for timely maintenance. The market space for smart street lighting systems is huge, and the media has also begun to report. This shows that the use of intelligent street lighting management systems is the future trend.


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Smart Control of Royal LED Street Lighting

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