Tennis court lighting project case sharing

Tennis Court Lighting Tennis stadiums have relatively high lighting requirements. A professional stadium lighting system should provide comfort, uniformity of illumination, and low glare。This article is intended to help improve sports comfort and build first-class stadium lighting with you by giving you information about tennis court lighting standards, lighting, and design.

Illumination standard for outdoor tennis court (GB):

Amateur competition (training): 150 – 300lx

General competition: 300lx-500lx

professional arena: 500-750

HDTV broadcasts level: 1500lx

Auditorium: 30lx-100lx.

Tennis Courts Lighting

As long as there is light, the night is not dim. Nighttime sports can be more focused, allowing you to demonstrate your athletic abilities with a healthy body.

Lights used in the project

Harmony G3

– TLCI>95, Broadcast Ready for >1000fps, HD丨4K丨8K, enable TV broadcasters to film super-slow-motion replays with a flicker factor <1% 

– Scalable control solution, enables customizable, with real-time overrides and supports Art-Net, DMX RDM, and DALI protocols.

– Support multi-Intelligent control

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