Points You Need to Pay Attention to in the Quality of Light in Sports Lighting Projects.

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Element of obtrusive light.

Worldwide there is a growing awareness of light which might cause disturbance to persons living close to a lighting installation or might prevent observation of the night sky. 


Recommendations now exist in some countries and should be considered as a positive step toward preserving our natural environment, reducing disturbances to people in their homes and hazards to persons viewing bright light sources directly.


The official term becoming widely used is that of “obtrusive light”. There are three key facets of “obtrusive light”.


“Stray or Spill Light”

Is the light falling on vertical surfaces or entering a property via windows etc, which causes most disturbance to residents living nearby.


“Intensity toward an observer”

The brightness or intensity of the installation from specific observer positions looking toward the installation.


“Upward” or “waste light”

The light emitted upward (above horizontal) from each floodlight. This effect is often referred to as “sky glow”. ——Source from: FIFA Lighting Guide

AIKO’s HARMONY G3 uses the latest sports optics lighting to achieve excellent spill light control, it projects light only into the field. The performance of HARMONY G3 is always outstanding, that’s why it can quickly become a core choice in the market for sports lighting LED fixtures.

It only takes a few minutes to view the various excellent simulation layouts of HARMONGY G3, contact the AIKO team to get it!

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