Large Stadium Lighting Solutions

In recent years, with the development of LED technology, LED lamps are becoming more and more popular in the field of lighting. And in the field of sports lighting, due to the industry segmentation and high degree of specialization, only a few enterprises launched LED lamps for stadiums. LED lighting technology has surpassed the traditional metal halide lamps in terms of energy saving, service life, installation and maintenance, as well as intelligent application and light quality, and has broad application prospects in the field of sports lighting.


In line with the high standard requirements of modern stadium and venue lighting, AIKO has launched a new lighting product in line with HDTV sports broadcast class — 1500W round LED stadium lighting.

1500W LED Stadium Light – ASP04 ARES Series

  • The 1500W is only 28.5kg
  • The total luminous flux can reach 225,000lm
  • CRI>90,TLCI>90
  • Pure aluminum integrated fin heat dissipation, fast thermal conductivity
  • Multiple beam angles, like narrow, wide and mediums
  • Professional anti-overflow light cover, effectively control the overflow light, avoid light pollution
  • IP66& IK10, no fear of harsh outdoor environment

Nowadays, sports lighting has become an important factor in all kinds of sports events. As the market leader of high-end sports lighting, AIKO will continue to promote the research and development of LED sports lighting products, and strive to create energy-saving sports lighting and make continuous efforts for the development of sports lighting industry.  


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