Important things to note when completing a stadium lighting project

Below is a DIALux design by one of our clients for a UEFA stadium. Something wrong here.

sports lighting design

It is not allowed to place the lights here, because there will be corner kicks in the game.

junior stanislas

When pitch illuminance is provided by means of corner columns or towers with multiple luminaires in a group (as is generally seen in columns and towers), the luminaires should not be mounted within 15°of either side of the goal line (see diagram above).


Large multiple arrays of luminaires provide greater levels of discomfort glare and should not, therefore, be positioned in these areas. A consecutive line of luminaires with more than two rows is considered, for this purpose, to be a large multiple array.

linear floodlight array

As regards players in the penalty area, the discomfort glare produced by a linear run of luminaires is

considered to be within an acceptable level if the luminaires’ focus points are such that players can stand in

the penalty area and look towards the corners without hindrance.

Luminaires mounted within 15° of the goal line should be focused away from the penalty box, as indicated

in the diagram above.

Multiple arrays of luminaires should not be positioned within 15° of either side of the goal line.

A linear array of luminaires used for this purpose should not comprise more than two rows.

———————-Source from: UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2016

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