How many types of sports lighting do you know?

Football Field Lighting

Most football fields are outdoors. To ensure the fun of the game doesn’t end at sunset, lighting is crucial. Installing sports lights on football fields offers many benefits for fans, players and managers. Including flexibility in planning games, safety of people in stadiums, and enhancing the fan experience. Good football lighting should have the proper beam angle with the aim of achieving balance in the football field. Typically, they are installed at a height of 70ft, but in professional football fields, they can be as high as 250ft above the field. LED sports lights used in typical football fields have narrow beam optics that project light onto the ground without glare.

Basketball Court Lighting

Many people like to play basketball to relax themselves after a busy day, so sports lights are indispensable on the basketball court at night. One important factor to consider when choosing sports lights to install on a basketball court is visibility. This includes spacing, color of walls and floors, and location of lights.  

Tennis Court Lighting

Tennis court lighting is the key to fulfilling people’s desire to play at any time of day or night, indoors or outdoors. A tennis court, even in poor light during the day, can have a bad visual impact and can affect the mood of the players, which is why good lighting is key. A good view of the tennis court allows players and spectators to follow the progress of the game. When designing an outdoor tennis court light installation, it is important to consider the potential environmental impact of light spillage.

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