Why is ROYAL street light more and more popular in the market?

street lighting with LEDIL optical lens

The key factor is that we help solve the difficult and the problems that have been bothering them.


LED street lights are mature products on the market, you can easily buy them in various channels. But before you buy the product, do you really consider these problems that may trouble you in the future?


Today I want to make 3 points:


  1. Waterproof

It can be said that more than 90% of street light products have experienced waterproof problems. It’s also one of our customers’ biggest concerns.


After the street light enters the water, there will be a short circuit, and the light will not be on, which means that you need to spend time and manpower to repair it or replace it. Even if it is a manufacturer that has passed the IP66 and IP67 waterproof test, the lamp may still have this problem. Therefore, before promoting a LED street light, it is necessary to take the time to test it.


  1. Drive box design

In some countries in South America, government bidding projects will require that the PCB and driver of street lights are not on the same side. Our ROYAL was originally designed with this point in mind, so we easily helped a client in South America and helped the client successfully win the project. See below picture:


royal street lighting
  1. Breatherlocation

The position of ROYAL’s breather is at the connection between the lamp body and the spigot.

The advantage of designing the respirator’s location here is that it is not exposed to rain, dust and UV rays.

If the breather is exposed to UV light for a long time, it will be accelerated aging. If the breather is directly exposed to rain, it will have a lot of risk of water ingress, resulting in a short circuit of the luminaire.

breather of led street lighting

AIKO has thought out all the issues that can be considered in road lighting for our customers in advance.

Aiko is definitely your unmissable supplier, contact us for more details info@aikoled.com

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