Lighting Standards Of The UEFA Elite level A

UEFA illuminance levels

It is essential to ascertain the level of UEFA competition that the stadium is intended to be used for. The pitch illuminance system should be designed to meet the requirements of the relevant UEFA illuminance level. An illuminance system that operates to a higher specification than is necessary may be unduly expensive to install and operate. In some situations, it may even be considered inappropriate given the

stadium’s size and location. However, it is also important that the design process gives due consideration to long-term aspirations in terms of the intended use of the stadium. In some cases, it may be preferable to comply with the requirements of a higher UEFA illuminance level to allow for future development.

Illuminance levels

The requirements in terms of the artificial illuminance of a football pitch are split into five illuminance levels. The following table provides details of the recommended illuminance level for each competition round. If there is any uncertainty as to which level applies, UEFA should be contacted for further guidance. Stadiums and football grounds that are not intended to be used for TV broadcasts are not required to meet

the higher lighting requirements of levels A, B, C and D. However, the lighting conditions should still meet the relevant sporting requirements of players, officials and spectators. The non-broadcast constitutes the minimum requirements.

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UEFA illuminance requirements

Elite level A stadiums

The lighting of the stadium will be one of the main factors that determine the atmosphere of the stadium. For players, less glare and sufficient illumination are most important. With perfect optical design, our products ensure illuminance uniformity vertically and horizontally with less glare effect. With high high TLCI index and flicker free, our lighting fits all demands of television broadcaster. Fans in front of the TV can have almost the same experience as the fans at present.

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