LED sports field lighting

LED sports field lighting – optimal floodlight for sporting events

Would you like to reduce the electricity costs for lighting your sports field? Are the light sources currently in use inadequate because they do not illuminate the space as desired? With the LED sports field lighting from AIKO you get a cost-saving floodlight solution that will delight spectators and athletes alike.

LED floodlight from AIKO – high savings potential

The predecessor of modern, energy-efficient LED lights for sports fields – the metal halide lamp – not only has disadvantages compared to LEDs in the form of higher power consumption, but also in terms of optimal illumination. And this is particularly important for sporting events.

LED sports field lighting offers you advantages throughout the entire cost calculation:

  • long service life: up to 70,000 hours
  • high potential for savings in electricity costs
  • low maintenance effort

The investment in an LED floodlight will pay for itself after just a few years (depending on the period of use and the number of lights). The most significant savings, namely in electricity costs and maintenance costs, are of course noticeable in the following period, because the lifespan of the floodlight system with LED can last up to 21 years, depending on use.

Every sporting event in the best light

The AIKO “HARMONY G3” LED sports field lights are suitable for illuminating numerous sports facilities, e.g. B. for football pitches, tennis courts or riding areas . You receive high-end  LED lights with high light output and the best industrial components. This means you not only illuminate your sports field in accordance with the applicable standards, but you can also be sure of a successful event. After all, lighting contributes greatly to how participants and visitors experience the sporting event.

Our LED sports field lights ensure clear visibility and optimal lighting conditions , day and night. Since these are LEDs with a daylight white light color, the floodlights perfectly illuminate the square even in the dark – as if the sunlight were putting the sporting event in the right light.

High-quality LED sports lighting for sports facilities of all sizes

AIKO offers you the LED floodlight  with 500 watts – 1800 watts.

  • our LED sports field lighting also impresses when it comes to construction, among other things:
  • powder-coated die-cast aluminum housing
  • Cover made of high-strength polycarbonate
  • Protection class IP65: Floodlight system is dust-tight and protected against jets of water

The floodlights from AIKO can be installed very quickly and easily. You can mount the bracket on any surface. The LED lights also have high break and impact resistance. This makes them well suited for all sports facilities of all sizes .

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