How to choose the best LED light fixtures for tennis court?

Tennis is a sport that requires good visibility and lighting, especially when played indoors or at night. LED light fixtures are a great option for tennis court lighting, as they offer many benefits over traditional metal halide lights. Here are some tips on how to choose the best LED light fixtures for your tennis court.

  1. Consider the Level of Play

The level of play determines how much light you need on your tennis court. Different levels of play have different lighting standards, measured in foot candles (fc), which indicate the amount of light per square foot.

The follows are the suggested foot candles for various levels of tennis:

  •  Recreation Level Lighting: 20 – 35 fc
  •  Club Level Tennis Lighting: 30 – 60 fc
  •  Competition Level Tennis Lighting: 50 – 80 fc
  •  College / NCAA Level Tennis Lighting (televised): 90 – 120 fc

The higher the level of play, the more light you need to ensure optimal visibility and performance. You should also consider the size and shape of your court, as well as the surrounding environment, when deciding how much light you need.

  1. Choose the Right Type of Fixture

There are two main types of LED light fixtures for tennis courts: indoor and outdoor. Indoor fixtures are usually mounted on the ceiling and point downwards or upwards, depending on the design of your court. Outdoor fixtures are usually mounted on poles around the perimeter of the court and point towards the center.

For indoor tennis lighting, recommends UFO LED lights with a frosted lens, as they reduce glare and produce bright and uniform light. These lights are also durable and resistant to damage from tennis balls. Another option is to retrofit your existing metal halide lights with LED retrofit kits, which allow you to keep your fixtures and convert them to LED.

For outdoor tennis lighting, suggests using shoebox-style lights or flood lights with forward-throw optics, which direct the light towards the court and minimize spillage and light pollution. These lights also have color balanced temperatures that simulate daylight and enhance contrast and clarity.

  1. Get a Lighting Plan

A lighting plan is a customized design that shows you how many fixtures you need, where to place them, and what kind of optics and wattage you should use. A lighting plan can help you achieve the best results for your tennis court lighting, as well as save you time and money.

You can request a free lighting plan from , or consult with a professional lighting expert. A lighting plan will take into account your specific needs and preferences, as well as the technical specifications and standards for tennis court lighting.


LED light fixtures are a smart choice fortennis court lighting, as they offer many advantages over metal halide lights, such as energy efficiency, instant on/off, long lifespan, low maintenance, high quality light, and compatibility with controls. To choose the best LED light fixtures for your tennis court, you should consider the level of play, the type of fixture, and get a lighting plan. By following these tips, you can enjoy playing tennis in any condition and time of day.

AIKO Lighting teams choose Symmetrical light distribution enhancing uniformity of vertical and horizontal, meanwhile reducing light spill especially back pole light in residential area. AIKO’s LED light comes with Low wind resistance design, a variety of light distribution from ultra-small to large angle, fit for different applications, and super less weight with aviation aluminum.

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